Jeff Brundage LLC

Sample Projects and Experience

Large scale HR BPO - Transforming a 600+ person traditional HR department into a strategy focused internal team with the majority of transactional work outsourced – significant quality improvements and cost savings achieved

Providing a unique focus on HR services that provide 24/7 online access to employees, improve user satisfaction, create a stronger employee/employer relationship and that are cost effective

Oversight of all labor contract and seniority integration matters as part of the combination of two US network air carriers

Led a team that achieved the largest consensual labor restructuring in the US airline industry – achieved 1.6 B in annual savings through labor contract modifications

Successfully led the internal labor team during the largest Chapter 11 USC § 1113 US airline industry bankruptcy

Lead contract negotiator on behalf of various pilot groups represented by the Air Line Pilots Association

Lead seniority integration negotiator for a large US regional airline pilot group

Managing labor relations during an extended “Corporate Campaign” waged by labor against management

Sponsored a multiyear performance leadership effort that brought labor and management together to assess and identify areas of competitive disadvantage resulting in continuous improvement projects designed to improve efficiency and increase competitiveness without renegotiating labor agreements

As dictated by circumstance, work closely with internal and external communication professionals to design communication strategies to showcase positive employee and labor relations and combat negative coverage when required